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How can I hire from Snyperscope?

On top of the page you will find a button saying "Contact / Hire". Simply click it!  

Why should I hire from Snyperscope?

You should always strive to find the best person for your production. Describe the job for us and we will help you with that job. 

What is Snyperscope

Snyperscope is a Scandinavian film collective, consisting of members from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, USA and the UK. It was founded in Norway in the summer of 2019 as a space for people within the film industry to connect and share jobs. 

Currently, Snyperscope has over 100 members from different positions in the film industry. 

How can I join Snyperscope?

Simply by clicking the "Register" button, you can register with Snyperscope. To enter the community, however, you'll need a facebook account and visit www.facebook.com/groups/snyperscope

Why should I join Snyperscope? 

Snyperscope is designed for networking. You may brand yourself looking for jobs, ask for others in the same area for tips and tricks or just ask anyone if they're up for a cup of coffee. There are no limits. Snyperscope is meant to be a collective for sharing ideas and and jobs and get people to connect. 

How much does Snyperscope cost? 

Nothing. Snyperscope is a free community and is purely donation based. 

Does Snyperscope have any affiliates? 

Yes. Snyperscope is the main casting channel for Wolf Haugen Film & Stunts, a Norwegian film company which specializes in on-screen action. 

Also, you may attend workshops or classes made by either us, Wolf Haugen Film & Stunts or the International Stunt Academy with discounts already applied.